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I love winter… everything about it … the delicate white snow fluttering to the ground, the red noses on my kids faces, the snowmen and snowforts, tubbing down the hill, and the warm cocoa that greets you when you come inside from all the fun.  Around our house, I don’t think a day goes by that the kids don’t spend some part of the day playing in the snow.  As a result I get TONs of pictures and I wanted a kit that would ‘have it all.’  So I created the Winter Chills Collection.  It has a fun, playful flavor but still showcases the whimsy of winter.  However, life get’s super busy and we don’t always have all the time we want to create fun ways to preserve our memories.  So I created the Winter Chills Extras.  It is a group of tags, notes, and titles premade and saved as png files.  Further still, I created a the Winter Memories Hybrid Mini Album using this delightful collection.  Just drop your pictures into each file, size them appropriately, print them out at your favorite printing location and assemble the album.  Included with the hybrid mini kit is the complete instructions (with assembly photos) in pdf.  Hopefully it will save you that extra time you want to be taking more photos!

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Included in the Winter Memories Extras is:

7 Bottle cap tags

6 blank notes (not shown in preview)

7 notes with embellishments and winter sayings

7 titles, embellished

1 paper frame