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Session Styling Tips

These photos are about YOUR FAMILY and should reflect your families style, tastes, and personality.  When I ask individuals/families what they are looking for, they often say, “I’m not sure.”  But what they are really saying is, “I DO know, I just need some help discovering it.”  This section is to help you discover your personal style so that what you see is what I capture 🙂

Location Style

We live in a gorgeous area (Southern Utah) with so many great choices for your style and most of them are only a few minutes away.  Look through this list and pick which one fits your family best. Classic/Traditional

gardens with trees and flowers

golf courses



old barns




Old Rock Church

Southern Utah University

Willow Glen Inn (a fantastic variety of choices rustic and traditional)


trendy style with lots of random elements behind

old buildings

city streets


Southern Utah is famous for its unique red hills

Brian Head

Woods Ranch

Duck Creek

**Many locations require advance permission or fees to be paid. If you have a spot you’d like to go, let me know when you book so I can make those arrangements.

Color Style

Coordinate but don’t match! A favorite family photo is much more interesting with color and texture, because it adds depth to the picture.  Everyone wearing the same shirt and jeans tends to be flat and everyone begins to look the same.  We all have different personalities and we should celebrate that, with flair.  Choose a coordinating color palette and build everyone’s outfit from there, leaving a little leeway for personal taste.

1st: choose a style (casual, dressy, trendy, shabby chic, minimal, formal, etc.)

2nd: choose a couple neutral colors to help ‘ground’ your photo (which also serves as a great choice for the gentlemen to wear, as they aren’t usually to picky 🙂 neutrals color palette 3rd: find your accent clothing.  This tends to be the outfit that has multiple colors from your palette or what you based your palette around.  This is often one of the youngest child’s clothing (especially if it’s a girl) with lots of patterns and colors.  Another tip is to keep the outfits themselves simple, and accessories to add depth and coordinate.


color swatch2

Slight variations in the color palette tend to give the photo more depth and make it more interesting to look at. kids

christmas color palette

These rules work for any group photos (small families, extended families, specialty groups, etc.) Also, some things to think about when using color:  what are these photos for? Perhaps you’d like to coordinate with the colors in your home, or are these photos for a specific holiday or season.  A color note about Red Rock locations as well, your color palette must be chosen carefully as red, orange, coral and hot pink act like camouflage in front of the red rocks. Better to stick with blue, green, purple, gray, navy, black, white, and ivory colors so to help you stand out.

Children’s Style

It’s all about personality! A babies first birthday, toddlers little quirks, and a favorite things are all about the child and their personality.  If you have a busy, vivacious child… dress them in bold, fun colors that express who they are and select a location that will let them run and jump.  If your child is quiet and shy, perhaps soft muted colors will help them feel most comfortable.  Take some time to think about the purpose of these photos and your child’s personality, play to their strengths and you’ll be sure to get what your hoping for.  And one more option is to really style up these photos by choosing a theme.  If you need help in coordinating some props contact me.