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If you would like to set up a photo session, or have any questions, you may contact me at or use the Contact Form at the top of this page. All sessions are outdoor, except for infants and young babies.


 About Me | My Story

Hello, I am Sharina Adams!  I spend my days running errands, reading children’s books, doing laundry, and  anything else that lands in my path.  When I have 20 minutes you’ll find me creating … anything (a photo, a digital design, even crafts or decor).  In the evenings I come alive and seem to get twice as much done as I did during the day … lol!   I have five amazing and busy children who keep me on my toes and bring me inspiration and joy every day.  I am also very blessed to be married to a talented and amazing man, who is my best friend and the best dad you’ll ever meet.

My love of photography came after creating several scrapbooks and layouts for my children.  As I did my best to record every moment of their lives (because they just grow up too fast), I found my photography skills lacking … lol.  As I continued to create, I discoverd that ‘a picture really is worth a thousand words,’ and a great picture tells a story with EMOTION!  So I began my journey!  At first it was to create better photos for my ‘history books,’ but it quickley evolved into a love for ‘creating with light.’  Everyday, every month, every year there is a story to tell and a stage or moment  to be captured.  A time to laugh, love, oooh and ahh, and every moment is precious!

My goal in photography is to tell a story … your story!  Each image captures a feeling, and I want that feeling to come rushing back to you.  I want you to  laugh at the expressions on your kids faces, when they were supposed to be acting ‘perfect.’  I want you to long to squish the chubby legs, and smiling face of your precious little one again.  I want you to remember the first time you held your precious baby tenderly in your arms and how you would do anything for them.  I want you to feel proud of that independent, spunky personality your teen posses, who is all but grown up and doing great things.  And, I want the feelings of love to overwhelm you to tears, as you as you look through you wedding photos, remembering that you couldn’t love anyone more!

Each image is customized to fit your personality, need, and specialized experiences.  After all, life is made up of experiences and the feelings that go with them.  If you like the rugged mountains, let’s take a hike.  If you are a busy soccer mom, I’ll be your biggest fan.  If your little one is turning the big ONE, I’ll be there to capture the party.  If you just need new family pictures, we’ll get it done with fun and flair!